Our work could not be done without your support.
​Thank you for all you do to hel​p us reach
ge​nerations of kids wh​o 
de​spe​​rately need to hear
 a message of hope.​
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To Donate by Check:
Make checks out to "Young Life" and write ​​XR104 on the memo line.

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2015 is Gonna Be BIG!!!

Thanks to God raising up new leaders and donor generosity in 2014, we are perfectly positioned for a huge year of kids meeting Jesus in Chaffee County. 

We need your support! Whether you're interested in sending kids to camp, enabling more contact work, helping supply a club or empowering a Campaigners group, there's a giving opportunity for you. 
Please browse our list of opportunities below,
and thank you again for your commitment
to introducing local kids to Christ! 
The Vision
​​The Need
Current Ministries:

Air Academy High School
Pine Creek High School
Rampart High School
Eagleview Middle School

 Goals for Future Ministries:
Sand Creek High School
Aspen Valley High School
Liberty High School
Timberview​ Middle School
Challenger Middle School

We are currently reaching
 270 kids every week.
With your support, we plan to
double this number by 2017.  
Support for ​Local Ministry​

$15 = coffee for a local volunteer & two kids.
$50 = a local volunteer's ministry for one semester.
$100 = local staff ministry for one month.
$500 = one semester of club at one school.
$2,500 = student staff member at one school.

​​Support for Camp

$520 = one kid to summer camp. 
$1,000 = one kid to summer camp & all transportation.
$6,000 = one cabin o​​f kids at camp.
$10,000 = one cabin of kids & all transportation. 

​​Contact Jim Ray​burn​, area director, with questions. 

Young Life has been ranked as a top charity by Charity Navigator​.

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Phone: (360) 941-1091

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