The Wildness of the Gospel at Wyldlife


Wyldlife is appropriately named. Anytime you get more than one middle school student in a room, you are in for a wild time! This past December at Club we had some tacky sweaters, and fantastic white elephant gifts. Andrew Stalsbroten actually went home with a George Forman grill. We had a wacky time caroling in the neighborhood singing carols backward and asking to sing in my neighbor's kitchen. All of this wacky fun was just to have a moment to gather kids around a dumpster and share about the birth of Christ. Just like the smelly dumpster, Christ was born in an unlikely place for a king, with smelly animals all around. The wild part may seem to be the energy of middle schoolers, but in reality it is the wild way God loves us through Jesus that makes Wyldlife- wild. Merry Christmas!

By Liz Jenkins - Anacortes Middle School team coordinator


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